Friday, October 31, 2014

Mirador de Ulía

Ikinci evimiz olan Bask bolgesinden yeni donduk ama aklimizin da orda kaldigini, Paris'in katlanilmaz havasina hemen adapte olamadigimizi itiraf etmeliyim ki bu ozlemi bir postla gidereyim istedim. Sayfamin sag tarafindaki gezi linklerinde daha once bu bolgedeki degisik sehirlerden bahsetmistim dilerseniz oradan inceleyebilirsiniz. Bu kez amacimiz farkli. Fotograflar baska yerlerden, tarihlerden ve mekanlardan. Cektigimiz outfit fotograflari gectigimiz haftasonundan, birbirinden leziz yemekler ise bir onceki Bask ziyaretimizden Hem ne farkeder ki ikisinin de ortak bir ozelligi var: dunyanin en guzel cografyalarindan birine Bask Bolgesine ait olmalari. 

We'are just back from our second home Basque Country. But I should admit that we have still hardships adapting to boring Parisian weather and our minds are still there so decided to sooth this pain with this post. If you want, you can check my different posts about Basque Country from travel links on the right side of the page, but this time my mission is quite different. I prepared the most complex post ever. Pictures are belong to different times and places. Even so, they have one common feature : they both are belong to Basque Country which has one of the most impressive geography in the world. 

Bask Pelota'si oynayan cocuklar. 
Children are playing Basque Pelota. 

Ispanya'nin bir cok sehrinde bulundum hatta 6 ay gibi kisa bir sure ile de bu guzel ulkede yasadim. Burayi ziyaret etmek isteyen bir cok arkadasimin "bu zamana kadar seni en cok kendine baglayan sehri neresi oldu?" sorularina ise cevabim hep neredeyse her yaz gidebilecek kadar sansli oldugum San Sebastián'i ziyaret etmeden donmeyin oldu. Kimilerinizin ama Ezgi Barselona'ya ve diger guzel sehirlerine haksizlik ediyorsun dediginizi duyar gibiyim. Evet guzel sehir ama belkide o zamanlar neredeyse her iki haftada bir orada oldugumdan pek bir espirisi de  kalmadi benim icin, Endulus tarih kokuyor etkiliyor ama San Sebastián'da karniniz doyuyor !!! Plajlari, tarihi ve gece hayati ile de gonlunuzu fethediyor. Buradan ve buradan daha onceki St Sebastian postlarina bakalbilirsiniz fakat bu kez St Sebastian'in bambaska bir ozelliginden bahsedecegim. 

I've been many places in Spain and even lived in this lovely country for 6 moths. Many people, friends are asking me before their visit that by which part I am mostly amazed. My answer is clear: Don't back without visiting San Sebastián  I'm lucky enough to visit this cute city almost every summer and discovering something new even though it's quite small. I feel like hearing your murmurings " but Ezgi it's not fair for Barcelona and many other beautiful cities in Spain !!! ". Yes, it's a beautiful city but maybe I've been many times in a short time it lost its charm on me. Andalusia yes it smells history in everywhere of it but San Sebastián makes you eat your fill !!! With its beaches, history and night life impress you in that moment. You can check my previous post about San Sebastián from here and here . But in this one I'm gonna talk about different characteristics of it. 

(This picture is taken from an unknown webpage )

Bask bolgesi,  gurmelerin ve agiz tadini bilenlerin her sene ziyaret ettigi gastronomik acidan cok onemli olan bir bolge. Odullu avant-garde restoranlariyla, pintxos (tapas) barlariyla dunya capinda unlu bir yer. Toplamda 25 Michelin yildizli ve St Pellegrino Dunyanin en iyi 50 Restorani listesinde de 4 tane restorani bulunuyor. Anlayacaginiz, buraya geleni karnini, ruhunu iyice doyurmadan gondermiyorlar. San Sebastián bu bolgede en iyi yemekleri yiyeceginiz adreslerin en basinda geliyor. Hatta buranin avrupanin culinary merkezi oldugunu, dunyada en iyi yemegi burada yiyeceginizi soyleyen unlu seflerin ve gurmelerin deyisleri de mevcut. 

The Basque country is a famous gastronomic location, attracting foodies and gourmets at all times of the year. It has a world-wide fame thanks to award winning pintxos (tapas) houses and avant-garde restaurants. Also these restaurants have 25 Michelin stars in total, 16 belongs to San Sebastián, and 4 of them in the list of St. Pellegrino World's 50 Best Restaurants. As you understand coming by here you don't discover just a city you feed your stomach and soul with excellent cuisine. San Sebastián is the head place in this location that you can eat the best food. There are even quotes by famous chefs and gourmets that " culinary capital of Europe, best place to eat in the world". 

Mirador de Ulía ise henuz 1 Michelin yildizli enfes manzarali San Sebastián harikalarindan sadece bir tanesi. Karsi tepecikten, en kisa zamanda denemek istedigim bir diger onemli restorant olan Arzak ile birbirlerine hirsli bakislar atsalarda ben biliyorum ki San Sebastián emin ellerde. Simdi sizleri goruntu kalitesi dusuk ama lezzet kalitesi bakimindan yuksek seviyeli yemeklerle basbasa birakiyorum. 

Mirador de Ulía with its one star is just one of the wonders of San Sebastián. Although it cast ambitious glances to the Arzak (another important restaurant that I want to try) on the adverse hill, I know that San Sebastián is in safe hands with its important guardians. Now, I leave you alone with the lover quality pictures and higher quality foods. 

Yemek ile yemek arasinda fark oldugunu cocuklugumdan beri iyi bilirim. Bu farki bilenler bu son San Sebastián anonsu sizler icin. Buraya gelin, islevlerini bitirmeden midenizi ve ruhunuzu doyurun.  

There is a difference between eating and eating good food and I know this difference since I was kid. And if you are one of us this is the last announce for San Sebastián. Come here and enjoy your soul and stomach before they become useless. 

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Friday, October 10, 2014

Hidden Paradise: Jericoacoara

Oncelikle bu postu okuyan herkesin gozlerini kapayip bir "Jericoacoara" diyip ondan sonra incelemeye devam etmesini istiyorum. Hazir misiniz ? Je-ri-koa-koa-ra ! Bana ilk soyleyebildigimde bilmedigim tropik bir meyve ismini animsatti, daha sonra soylemeye iyice alistikca aslinda bir kusun cikardigi ses gibi bu dedim. Ama nereden bilebilirdim ki bu kelime icindeki kelimenin aslinda beni hem gizemli hem de bilindik, hem zaten bildigim, hem de hic kesfetmedigim sakli bir cennete cagirdigini. Jericoacoara, halk arasinda Jeri, aslinda ilk baslarda elektrigin haliyle internetin telefonun ve bilimum herhangi teknolojinin olmadigi (elektrigin daha 20 yil once oraya ulastigini ogrendik) sadece balikcilarin yasadigi ve degistokusun hayat felfesefesi oldugu kucuk bir köy olarak baslamis hayatina. Bu yuzden de hippielerin, dunyayi dolasan maceraseverlerin ve ozgur ruhlarin ugrak noktasiymis. Ve bugun bile gelen ziyaretci profilini korudugunu soyleyebiliriz. 

First of all people ,who are reading this post, before you check it in detail, I want you close your eyes and try to say "Jericoacoara". Are you ready ? Jeh-ree-kwah-kwah-rah ! In my first trying it remembered a name of tropical fruit that I don't know, after I said again and I realized it's not a fruit name, it was actually sounds like a squawking, like a rooster. But how could I know until I've been there that this word within a word is calling me to a hidden paradise that is secret and familiar, mysterious and heartfelt.  Jericoacoara, known to locals simply as "jeri", at the beginning was a small fisherman village where a barter system predominated and there was no electricity, tv or phones. That's why the village drew hippies artists and wanderers. Still, today its visitors' profile is mix of those all same free spirits. 

Jeri, Afrika'dan gelen guclu ruzgari sayesinde Brezilya'da ve tum dunyada ruzgar sorfu ve ucurtma sorfu tutkunlarinin bir numarali yerlerinden bir tanesi. Biz de bu firsattan yararlandik tabiiki.
Jeri receives strong winds from Africa, making it a top destination for wind and kite surfers. And of course we used this chance to try kite surf. 

Jeri'nin en cok ziyaret edilen yerlerinden birisi "Gun Batimi Tepesi". Burasi zumrut renkli gun batimini dunyanin cok az kosesinde gorebileceginiz yerlerden sadace birtanesi. Gunes ufukta kaybolmadan once yaydigi o yesil renkteki isigi sadece gormeniz yetmez bir de fotograflamaniz gerek tabi. O yuzden kameranizi unutmayin, ayarlarinizi yapin ve ani yakalayin. 

One of the top places in Jeri is "Sunset Dune". This is one of the earth's few locations to be able to experience "Emerald Sunset" . It's not only enough to see the tip of the setting sun turns bright green for the final instant before it gets lost below the horizon as well you need to immortalize this moment. So don't forget to take your cameras, focus and capture the moment. 

Köyun 3km dogusunda bulunan "Pedra Furada" aslinda buranin gayri resmi sembolu haline gelmis durumda. Her ne kadar fotograflarda gordugumuzde cok etkilenip gitmek icin can atsakta, ciplak gozle aslinda pekte etkileyici olmadigini gordugumuzde neden buranin gayri resmi olarak kaldigini anlamis olduk.  Bekide gunesin batarken tam deligin ortasindan bize goz kirptigi temmuz ayinda olmadigimiz icindi. Ama yine de son karari siz verin :) 

"Pedra Furada" an arched rock 3km east of town is an unofficial symbol of the village. When we first saw its pictures on the brochure given by our pousada it was really impressive and we couldn't wait to  see it. But finally we arrived there and realized it's not a really impressive place when it is seen by naked eyes. Maybe it was not July when the sun sets directly through the whole . Still, you are the one who gonna give last decision :) 

Jeri'nin butun sokaklari kumlarla cevrili oldugundan, cevresini, Pedro Furada'yi ve lagunlari sadece "buggy turlari" sayesinde ziyaret edebilirsiniz. 

As all streets of Jeri paved with sand, to reach there, visit lagoons and around the village, the only way is "buggy tours" that you can take via your pousada

Bize suda hamak keyfi yasatan Lagoa Paraiso'da unutulmayacak bir gun gecirdik. 
In Lagoa Paraiso which let us enjoy with the water hammock, we spent unforgettable day. 

Ruzgarin colde sekillendirdigi bu bitki canlisida gorulecek yerler arasinda ama bizim icin uzerinde poz veren bu masum kizcagiz daha ilgi cekiciydi :) 
This vegetation shaped by the wind is one the sightseeing places in Jeri. But for us this innocent lovely girl was more appealing:)

Otel tercihimiz uzun zamandir Jeri'nin en tercih edilen hoteli Vila Kalango' ydu. Ilgiden basinizi donduren calisanlari check in yaptiktan sonra size hoteli gezdiriyor ve eksiksizce aklinizdaki her  soruyu daha siz dillendirmeden cevapliyor. Bir diger ilgili calisan etrafta tarcinli limonata servisi yapiyor, hotele ulasan biz yorgun ziyaretcileri daha orada mest ediyor ve sonrasinda cennette miyiz acaba diye soran gozlerle odamiza yerlesiyoruz. Odalarin konforu ve dizayni Brezilya'da kaldiklarimizin en iyisi tabiki de. Evet simdi gercek bir balayi hotelindeyiz. Okyanus ve gun batimi tepesi manzarali restoranti ve havuzuyla, hindistan cevizi agaclariyla cevrilmis, sadece bes gun gecirecegimiz cennetteyiz. 

Our hotel preference was long time top-end favorite Vila Kalango. After check in, you feel dizzy when you confronted by over-cared staff. One of them makes you discover the place, answering all your questions turning in your mind even before you speak, another one is wandering around and serving cinnamon lemonade to exhausted new comers and you settle your room with an amazed mood and ask again are we in heaven ? The comfort of the rooms are the best in all the hotels we've ever stayed in Brazil. Yes, now we are in real honeymoon place. Surrounded by coconut trees, pool deck and restaurant look out on the beach and the Sunset Dune, actually we were in paradise that we will spend just five days.  

 Another sunset view with the small footballer group. 

Yemek: Sizlere denedigimiz restorantlardan bahsedecegim. Ilk aksamimizda cok yorgun oldugumuz icin hotelin restorantini denemek istedik. Tercihimiz kerevit oldu ve gercekten cok lezzetliydi fakat daha sonra daha da lezzetlisini salas bir balikcida tadacagimizdan henuz habersizdik. Bu minik koydeki tum restorantlar genellikle iyi yemekler sunuyorlar cunku hemen hemen her sey taze fakat denemeden donmeyin diyebilecegim bir kac yer var: 
-Pimenta Verde lezzetli karidesler icin harika bir adres. Fakat asil spesiyalleri unutulmayacak lezzetteki Jeri'ye has ahtapotlari. 
-Peixe Brasillerio Burasi bir balikci deposu. Balikcilar sabahin erken saatlerinde yakaladiklari deniz urunlerini buraya birakir size de o gun ne cikmissa onlardan secip yemek duser. Biz yine izgarada kerevit yedik ve sanirim hayatimizda yediklerimiz icerisinde en iyisi olabilecek lezzetteydi. Ayrica fiyatlari da ne avrupa ne de Turkiyeyle karsilastirilamaz derecede makul. Aslinda burasi cok salas bir balikci fakat yine de surekli kalabalik oldugundan yer bulmakta zorlanabilirsiniz o yuzden etraftaki butikleri dolasip geri donme olasiliginiz cok yuksek.
-Pizza Dellacasa Jeri'nin  asagidaki resimde gordugunuz gibi en lezzettli pizzalari burada desem yeridir. Eger sizde bizim gibi her gun deniz urunu yemeyi tercih etmeyip arada bir degisiklik iyidir diyorsaniz adres belli. Ozellikle muthis bir yemekten sonra isteyeceginiz nutellali pizza, bitiremeseniz bile tam bir ziyafet :) 

Food:  I'm gonna talk about the restaurants we've tried. First night as were tired, we wanted to try the pousada's restaurant. We tasted grilled crayfish and it was really delicious. In general all the restaurants are successful in this village but don't turn back without trying these :
- Pimenta Verde for delicious shrimps and they have a memorable cuisine from octopus provençal.
-Peixe Brasilerio is a fishermen deposit their catch in the morning and patrons choose their dinner. We tried fresh grilled crayfish in a really reasonable prices. It's a really shed-like restaurant but it's hard to find a place so maybe you will have to visit the boutiques around and come back later for an empty table. 
-Pizza Dellacasa is probably the best pizza in town as you see below. As we were a bit over seafood, we wanted to try something different and it was perfect choice. After great dinner nutella pizza was real feast although we couldn't finish :) 

Ve sonunda elimizde guzel anilarla dolu bir seyehat gunlugu ile ve binlerce fotografla evimize donduk. Artik yeni hayatimiza baslamaya hazirdik. 
At the end, with a travel journal which is full of unforgettable happy moments and thousands of pictures we're back our home. We are ready to live our new life.