Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Beach is always a good idea !

Sizler de yazin bitmesine sonbaharin (en azindan Paris icin) tum kasvetiyle ve huznuyle yavas yavas uzerimize cokmesine uzulenlerdenseniz, buyurun ozaman sizi Barselona sahillerine alalim belki biraz da olsa ferahlariz.

If you are one of those who feel sad because the summer ends and autumn (at least in Paris) looms over our heads with all its gloomy and sorrowful air, then let me take you to Barcelona coasts where one may be freshened a little. 

Showing off our nationality is one of our characteristic

 This time we wanted to be close to beach and choose Hotel Silken Diagonal next to shining Torre Agbar (although I don't like such buildings in old cities, lights were attractive enough to make our night) and after a great day on the beach we had our aperitifs on the roof top bar of our hotel. 

Mango top / American Eagle jean short / Hotic sandals / Oysho bikini top 

Pics by me and JB 

Friday, August 23, 2013

A Look at The Miró Foundation

Iki yil once yeni yili gecirmek icin geldigimiz Barselona'yi, yazin da gormeliyiz diyerekten kisin kicimiz donarak gezdigimiz bazi yerlerin bu kez tam anlamiyla tadini cikarttik diyebilirim. Parc Montjuïc de bunlardan birisi. Yaninda da bonusu var daha onceden vakit bulamayip gidemedigimiz The Joan Miró Foundation...

After spending a new year in Barcelona two years ago, it made us feel that we should come back in  summer  to enjoy outdoor places more than before. Parc Montjuïc is one of them. In addition we have bonus that we couldn't have time to visit before; The Miró Foundation...

ACNE t-shirt / Zara skirt / Mango sandals / MBMJ bag

Pics by JB 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Old Barcelona

Her seyin eskisi, köklüsü güzel oldugu gibi sehirlerin de eski sokaklari hemen ilk giriste dikkatinizi ceker. Bilirsiniz ki aslinda sehrin kalbi oradadir. Barcelona'nin da eski sokaklari hemen hemen giden herkesin nefesini keser; ah su balkonunda renk renk ciceklerle dolu saksilarin asili oldugu ev benim olsa  diye icimizden geciririz. Iste bende aynen oyle bir gun gecirdim; gozume kestirdigim o guzel balkonlu evimden ciktim ve Barcelona'nin en guzel meydaninda en sevdigim arkadaslarimdan biriyle keyifli ve uzun surecek bir aperitif icin bulustuk.

I think in most of the things for me is the older, the better. That's why I'm always amazed by the old parts of the cities. You always feel that the heart of the city is beating there. Well, Barcelona is one of them and real Barcelona is waiting for you on that streets. While passing through the old dark streets, you wish the house with balcony has full of colorful flowers, would be yours. You wish to be belong there. So, I've spent such a charmed day. I left my house with wonderful balcony and walked through the best "plaza" of the Barcelona to have the best,  long and enjoyable apéritif with one of my best friend. 

COS top / Vintage jean shorts / Chanel ballerinas / MBMJ bag 

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alacati Flavours

Tatile doyamayip tembellesen, daha tatildeyken yeni tatil planlari yapan bir ben... Ayrica bu postta da yeniden Alacati'nin sokaklarinda kaybolmus bir Ezgi bulacaksiniz.

Ezgi; still hungry for traveling and planning for the next one when she is still on vacation. Also in this post , again, you'r going to see me lost in the streets of Alacati.

 An amazing start for a new day 

We were really content about our hotel decision. Chigdem Boutique Hotel had exactly what we were looking for; quite, peaceful and cozy...

But star of the day and night was Alancha Restaurant. While I was looking for a nice and delicious restaurant, I coincide with Alancha. I read about them and I see that this is what we're looking for; unity of gastronomy and traditional cuisine. Their menu is not include many pages and food but on the other hand they have tasting menu includes 23 different foods. Also they have little kitchen tour to show how they produce their own spices, vegetables etc... Although they have a great concept and delicious foods, we think that they still need to progress in wine. 

Unfortunately, end of the night... 

Dress my mum's gift / DVF flip-flops / GF vintage sunnies 

And next post will be from Barcelona !